Diversity Advisory Council (DAC)



Diversity Advisory Council Mission Statement

We are professionals in a creative industry that serves a creative audience. Creativity, at the core of what we do and the audience we service, flourishes best in an environment where diversity of thought and inclusion of all are priorities. For everyone to perform at their best, we need to recognize and address demographic, opportunity and social issues that can impede the creative process and create an environment where those priorities are apparent. The Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) serves as a forum to ensure that all —regardless of dimensions of diversity (e.g. race, gender, gender identity, sexuality, religion, age, ability or access needs) feel welcome, supported, respected and recognized by our publications and at our events. We recognize that this is not a quick fix, but rather a journey to lasting change.

Diversity Advisory Council — Work to Date and Ongoing DEI Practices

Work To Date

  • The DAC was formed in the April of 2019. Since then, the DAC has implemented the following:
    • Initiated a crafting business accelerator program, Launch Pad
    • Launched Kaleidoscope fashion show, a trailblazing fashion show for mentoring upcoming diverse designers in the industry
    • Curated a diversified teacher, speaker, keynote and vendor lineup for the virtual and in-person shows
    • Implemented quite spaces and early access for people with disabilities and special needs at the in-person shows
    • Organized virtual panels at Virtual Knitting LIVE, featuring diverse fiber industry professionals
    • Developed, administered, and ensured all teachers and vendors virtually attended inclusion trainings in order to participate in virtual events
    • Emphasized and supported the vision and goal to celebrate diversity in the pages of Vogue Knitting magazine, with an emphasis on size inclusion.
    • Spearheaded a cowl pattern initiative where all proceeds were donated to the Hetrick-Martin Institute

Ongoing Practices 

    • Maintain previous implementations and initiatives
    • Share information and resources marking significant DEI calendar dates and cultural holidays on social media channels
    • Amplify fiber industry professionals and encourage Vogue Knitting’s followers to learn about and support them

Future Vision 

Continue to assess what we have done so far and maintain a checklist of things to consider—for now and in the future—to ensure that Vogue Knitting and the future DAC members remain committed to the mission statement, support the community and set and accomplish future goals together

Diversity Advisory Council — Appointments

The DAC was conceptualized in 2019, and has grown from a committee of 6 to 9 members as we explored different dimensions of diversity. Now, after two years of facing unexpected challenges with the pandemic, we are ready for four new individuals to join us. We are accepting applications for new DAC members starting in Fall 2022 for a period of one year, with a possible second year extension. Applications will be reviewed by the current members of the DAC, as well as the Vogue Knitting members that sit on the DAC. A final list of candidates who have thoughtfully and thoroughly answered the application questions will be given the opportunity to virtually meet the DAC and ask them questions. Then the finalists will be put to an anonymous vote. We will reach out to the chosen applicants (and to those that have not been selected) early Fall 2022.

We are seeking applications from fiber industry professionals (LYS owners, dyers, designers, teachers, artists, online retailers, independent publishers etc) in the knitting and crochet community. Applicants are expected to contribute unique perspectives, be open to new ideas and ways of thinking and work well collaboratively. Strong emphasis is placed on demonstrated passion for diversity, equity and inclusion and past experiences integrating DEI into their business and personal life.

Terms for newly appointed DAC members are as follows:

  • Appointment term is one year (with a possible year extension) with a 90 day probation period
  • There is a maximum of 10 council members per year during transitional periods, but typically there will be 9 council members per year
  • No more than 50% of the existing members will voluntarily remain on the DAC for a maximum of one additional year to facilitate the transition
  • Required to attend one monthly one-hour Task Meeting, held the first Tuesday of each month at 1PM EDT
  • Required to attend one quarterly two-hour Planning Meeting, held the second Monday of the following months at 1PM time EDT (June, September, December, March)
  • Each council member receives an honorarium of $1500 per year
  • If a council member moderates a virtual or in-person panel at the event, they receive an honorarium of $150 per panel