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    There is a question on the volunteer application that could be interpreted to mean that if there is an issue with standing, you won’t be chosen to volunteer. Some applicants might be compelled to say yes out of concern that if they state no, their application could be denied. And some may decide not to submit an application.

    The first paragraph of the application does list some of the volunteer jobs, and perhaps including language mentioning KL’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and accessibility could reassure applicants.

    First graf of the volunteer application:

    Knitting LIVE by Vogue Knitting is looking for volunteers to assist with all aspects of the event, including registration, classroom monitoring, Marketplace monitoring, fashion show dressing, special events, and more. Volunteering at Knitting LIVE is a tremendous way to meet like-minded knitters, network with the Vogue Knitting staff, and contribute to a successful event.”

    Application question:

    “Many duties require you to be on your feet for extended periods of time, and many duties expect you to interact with our attendees. Do you feel as though you can perform the duties asked of you? If not, please explain.”

    Link to volunteer application:


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