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    Are you going to be allowing politics in at vkl such as allowing criticizing and bashing of a candidate, elected official and supporters there of – either in patterns, products, or classes/ speeches? If allowing politics at vkl, will all candidates/elected officials be welcome or just those you determine?


    Vogue Knitting/Vogue Knitting LIVE is a craft magazine and event, and our expertise and focus are to bring our customers the best fashion, patterns, and classes available. Vogue Knitting/Vogue Knitting LIVE is apolitical, and we believe political commentary and discussion are better suited for more appropriate periodicals and forums. We recognize that inclusivity and representation are a question of human rights, not politics. The DAC will work towards recommendations for institutional changes and additional programming, all to ensure Vogue Knitting is incorporating exemplary practices, programs, and individuals that embody a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.


    I saw a post recently where a woman said she felt extremely uncomfortable at a fiber festival because of the political talk. I have ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety Disorder. I feel very uncomfortable in an environment where there is tension. The only tension I’m concerned about is my knitting tension. I have not visited my LYS in a while because, quite frankly, I knit to alleviate anxiety. Also, I am a political scientist. Sometimes I hear comments being made that are misguided or false, but I do not want to have to confront and correct someone. It’s time we realized that not everyone thinks and feels the same as we do no matter how right we think we are. Can we please apply diversity to thought, too?


    I applaud VKL being apolitical, but political discussions may happen, especially since this is an election year. In an effort to keep politics conversations to a minimum, perhaps instructors and staff can remind attendees of the code of conduct at the beginning of each session/class and mention that the COD also includes heated and inflammatory political discussions. However, what about conversations at the Cocktail party and the dinner? What if people start talking about candidates in a disrespectful manner at the dinner and makes someone at the table uncomfortable, how does that get resolved?

    (Separately, as a journalist who edits political news, I find political discussions that are based on verifiable facts and data, and not on personality or appearance to be educational, enjoyable and respectful.)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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