Vogue Knitting has pledged to reflect greater diversity within our industry and to mindfully ensure that our events and the pages of our publications support and uplift the entire community. We continue to be committed to this effort and have been making great strides to integrate this into our stated objectives as a brand. However, we are aware that we will make mistakes along the way. Vogue Knitting announced a giveaway on Instagram and deleted the same post, without releasing a statement. After consulting with the Diversity Advisory Council, we realized that by deleting the post and not releasing a statement, we silenced our community. We also realized that we did not do enough research before making the post. Going forward, we will be reviewing our internal processes regarding what and who we choose to promote and post on social media to better align our presence here with our stated values. We at Vogue Knitting support body-positivity and are working toward making changes to reflect that at our shows and in our magazine. We know that to connect with our community as a whole, we need to communicate with you. We reacted quickly without thinking through the impact, for which we apologize. As we continue to pursue the goals of our Diversity Advisory Council, we will get things wrong. We appreciate your feedback and have heard you. Thank you. For the sake of moderating everyone’s comments efficiently, we invite you to post on our open forum where questions, comments, and concerns can be posted by our community and where we can respond. The open forum can be found on this website.